Health Food Trends Happening in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of my favourite cities to visit and while there I’ve discovered some truly awesome healthy eats. Below are some of the health food trends I’ve noticed for this year around the many great suburbs!

When did we get so Comfy with Kale, quinoa and fermented foods? Last year it was junk food that, deep-fried this. Now we are thinking nearly clinically about food’s value: wondering if it’s going to foster bacteria in our intestine, questioning its nutrient and protein contents, along with its alkalinity. Perhaps there isn’t any denying that our newfound fandom for nourishment is determined off  the back of a proliferation of pork stomach, buttermilk fried chicken and pudgy brioche-bun hamburgers.

Focusing on nutrition Isn’t niche. Prove us a cafe with a whiff of a retro/industrial/Scandi decorative and we will reveal a drinks menu that provides a green juice or smoothie made out of coconut kale and water, or a dinner of “early grain” salad and a sandwich using spelt sourdough. That is not to say there will not be waffles with peanut butter and jelly, however, they may be wholemeal waffles, and also the schnitzel might be tagged “gluten free” and include a farro salad. Far from ascetic, there is flavour as well as fat in those healthy pitched dishes.

Our taste for foods produced in the traditional manner, with as little intervention from processing and additives as you can, has directed us to know the physiological effects of food and, possibly, be sensitive to our own body’s intolerances, allergies or preferences. The new strain of eatery highlights medical choices and contains a take home meal to accommodate most diets.


Have your vitamins and minerals. Minerals delivered at the quick, effective format of a smoothie or juice; this nearly as ubiquitous a drink as your typical Melbs coffee nowadays.

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Most cafes juice to purchase, But a few, such as Neapoli additionally cold-press their organically grown ginger and carrots. The cold-press procedure retains more enzymes and nutrients compared to centrifugal juicers, obviously. For some significant smoothie actions, gets the the ultimate smoothie together with 17 ingredients such as marine phytoplankton, hemp, goji berry along with “mega hydrate”.



The definition of a superfood isn’t any nutrient-rich food that is advantageous to wellbeing and health – that the more exotic, the better. Acai berries are blueish and high in antioxidants. The brand new and lively Gen-Y secure, Little, Big, Sugar, Salt includes a bowl of citrus sprinkled with granola, sliced fruit and blossom petals: fairly and perky. A meal at ever-popular Barry, may be an entire salad of superfoods such as quinoa and kale.


vegetarian, take home meals, health foodBrown is the new black; we Desire brown rice, wholemeal ingredients and “ancient grains” (pre-GM). Get a load in moderation at glowing Touchwood: quinoa, freekeh, wild rice, rocket, toasted almond, chai-soaked raisins, cumin yoghurt and a walnut. And, Bentleigh’s most current stylemeister, Merchant’s Guild, contains wild rice, quinoa, sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, nuts, seeds and tahini yoghurt for lunch.


The Vast Majority of Australians Choose to restrict their caloric ingestion for health as opposed to health reasons (with only 0.25 percent of Australians diagnosed Coeliacs).

Over 277 eateries in This year’s Great Food Under $30 are recorded as having gluten-free choices. They vary from dishes which are fundamentally gluten free but flagged anyhow, such as rice noodle sauces, as well as the 100 percent stone-ground corn tortillas in La Tortilleria, even through fermented pastas like quinoa and amaranth in Etto and pizza in Pizza Farro.


It’s not Difficult to get a great vegetarian meal in this town. In the Grain Store a sausage cauliflower, quinoa, goji berry, pumpkin hummus and nigella seed Brunch dish sits as one of a sparkling menu which isn’t reluctant to fish or meat. Even The neighborhood bar does vegetarian nowadays. The National Hotel, a revamped boozer with ecological cred (pig farm, Solar panels, recycled stuff), supplies a vegan Thai curry along with a veg hamburger with apple: enjoy!

With healthy prepared meals being offered in Hawthorn to Frankston, there’s no denying the new health food trends of this year are as delicious as they may be good for you. The only downside is there’s so little time to try them all!